Monday, 2 July 2012

Bellies out, it's The New Review!

Week 2 of The New New New Review (henceforth know as TNNNR) is here and you could not be happier. Look at your face! That is one happy face you got there feller and quite rightly so. A whole host of musical news, new bands and general BANTER is heading your way for the next half hour(ish). "But what about the quiz?!" I hear you cry, "I suppose it could come under the category of BANTER" you also cry. And you are right. The quiz is still there people, breathe easy.
For someone who is supposed to be happy, you sure are a cry baby...

This week also sees the return of long time lady lover Rob Orr, who adds the refreshing element of actually knowing what he's talking about to the show. The thinking mans threesome of TNNNNNR discuss how The Stone Roses got on, Muse's new olympic dubstep spaceship, how we all still really like Vampire Weekend and my big belly (pictured below). The three new artists are quite the treat as well, with some proper dance musicy stuff from Luke Abbot (a TNNNNNNR first), some girly gothic post punk in the form of Savages and some pretty pop from brilliant Berlin babe Roxanne de Bastion. Alliteration is fun kids. 

Big bad bouncing belly (left) and Bob (right)
The songs and links: Luke Abbot - Modern Driveway
                               Savages - Husbands
                               Roxanne De Bastion - Red and White Blood Cells

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Love to your mothers
and me

(Darren Piper) 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

We're back! Back in the New York Grooooove

Ahoy there party pickers out there in pop land, long time no see! Miss us? We missed you. Those long autumn/winter/spring/summer nights spent without The New Review must of been tough on your lil' ears. Never fear though as me (DJ Dazzy P) and N Dawgy Dawg are once again here to sooth your aching heart. We know we left you for a year, but like your unreliable deadbeat dad we promise that that was the last time and we will never ever leave you again.We are now ready to play a big part in your life lil' feller. How has school been? Met any girls? That's the spirit champ *hair ruffle*

Above: Us and You
Three fun-ominal bands for you this week (we are weekly now btw (lol) ) whose links you can find below. All the classic features are back include the track attack and of course Darren's quiz, which is as per usual a real highlight. We also discuss the lovely ladies from Haim/Haim depending on how you pronounce them (read the second one in a different way) and take an irreverent sideways glance at the news of the week. Want to hear our views on Blur reforming? Tough, you are going to.

Above: Haim/Haim
This weeks bands: Bayatas
                             Victories at Sea
                             Bertel Haugen

Tasty. Very Tasty.

Also tasty is the wonderful music blog whom we strongly recommend you check out. Do it.

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Enjoy the pod.
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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This blog post is late. I'm sorry...I SAID I'M SORRY

yesyesyes, very late indeed, as the show has already been out for over a week. But if you haven't heard it yet...then you're at the right place! Give it a listen!

This week's show signifies a new beginning...A beginning which involves YOU LUCKY LISTENERS getting free stuff! Free CDs in particular, these CDs have come straight from me and young Darren's CD collections, so they have been in good hands! There are THREE different ways that you can get your hands on a free CD.

1. You can visit our FACEBOOK page and click like, every time we get 20 likes, we'll pick one out of the last 20 and that luckkkyy listener gets a free CD. NOICE!

Sweet advert eh?

2. If you promote our show in ANY way and get us some new listeners, then email us ( and if we love it then we'll get a cheeky CD to you.

3. You solve Darren's cheeky quiz for the listener!

If you cant remember the quiz (or haven't listened to the scum!) then here it is again. What Darren has done is taken an album title and band name and put it through an internet language translator a few times with various languages, then put it BACK to English, to then get a mish mash of words. So what you must do is work out what it originally was. GET IT? no, neither do I. But it's genius I'm sure.
So here goes, album title then the artist:

1.In Light Maintenance - Speachafier Forehead Feature Article
2. Sargent Strikes The Remote Heart Club Belt Density By The Bullet. (no band name)
3. I Can Hear The Heart Around To Whip Implementation Of One - I Have It

So when you decipher the titles back to their original ones. Get in touch at and we'll have a draw soon and the winner will get a CD.
Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. I'm about 10% sure it does.

ANYWAYYY enough of that stuff, let's have some music.

We talked a bit about a possible Fugazi reformation, and THIS video is why it would be amazing if they did reform


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Later Skaterrr!

Nathan x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Good day to you! We're back again, bringing 45 minutes of musical joy to your ears as per usual. Just click below and have a go on it!
This week the posh studio from the last couple of weeks is nothing but a distant memory, and we took to Darren's lovely garden to soak up some sun whilst we rambled on about all things music. Here's a picture of Darren in the garden, he's a KOOKY dude.

Just some of the hi jynx we get up too

Darren revisited an old feature for Darren's Cult, this week with Indie Punk legends, Television Personalities. Here's a personal favorite from them, A Picture of Dorian Grey

If you would like to hear more from the bands that were featured this week, then click on ze following links!

Murdermostfoul - Ecentric experimental electro to play with your mind
D. Hollywood - LA Rock n Roll with big hooks and a big sound
The Violet May - Catchy indie rock the way it should be, expect big things!

As I also mentioned on the poddywod, there are lots and lots of Facebook pages that are pushing new music in the same kind of way we are. So I suggest you click 'Like' on the following pages. This way you get a recommended a whole load of music every time you sign into Facebook!

Thy Daily Noise and Dan Gordon's Song of The Day are two of my personal favourites, they both have impeccable tastes in music and have introduced me to loads of stuff, so make sure you check them out! Other great pages go as follows....

All fantastic and all well worth doing that simple task of clicking 'like'

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Monday, 11 April 2011

Vacaaaaationnnssss on it's way

Bonjour! I must start with an apology, I have been terribly busy recently and haven't had the time to edit and upload the new podcast, BUT the time has come, all your dreams have come true! It's another episode! It should be available on itunes right now but if you're anti itunes then you can stream it, as always, right here! How generous!
A good portion of this show is Darren waxing lyrical about how much he hates Nicky Wire and some of the quotes he has allegedly said...
What a round face

We also talked about bands that have no where near as much prestige as they should have, I mentioned the Swedish pop masterminds...The Tough Alliance

aaaaaand Darren talked about his current obsession with The Replacements

New bands that were talked about on this show go as follows....

Summer Camp - Female fronted synth driven epic pop
Cloud Control - Incredibly catchy Australian indie riffsters
Real Estate - Perfect dreamy surf pop (If you enjoyed Beach Fossils from last week, then you'll love these guys)

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I bloody love you

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

anddd.......we're back!

Welllll....where to start! After about 6 months after we said we would be back, here we are!

Terribly sorry about the large delay, but we're starting again now in a new fortnightly show..."hoorayy" i hear you shout.

Give the brand new show a listen right here!

Other big news is that we have changed our itunes host, so you will no longer get our shows on the same subscription as before..WE DIDNT LIKE IT ANYWAY

So if you prefer to get our podcast straight to your itunes...the click HERE

We've changed the format of the show a bit, but all the solid radio GOLD is still there, don't you worry! look, here's a picture of Darren.

This week we rambled on about festival line ups, racist rock stars, new albums, and disappointing albums.

Here's another bad quality photo of our producers Arthur and Ross.

Here's one of my favorite songs off one of the albums we talked about, Yuck's debut

As per usual I featured three of my favourite new bands at the moment on the show, this week they are as follows...

Dirt Dress - Bluesy rock & roll from LA -
Grass Widow - Melodic female three piece -
Beach Fossils -Fantastic dreamy lo-fi goodness -

On the show I also mention the wonderful Graffiti Lips blog and zine, I suggest you pop on over there and have a go on it because it's another great way to get into music you may not have heard before!

Oh and whilst we are on about new ways to hear about new music, if you are on facebook then check out 'Thy Daily Noise', we've mentioned it before as it's a great way to get music appearing on your facebook throughout the day! LOVELY!

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We will be back in aroundddd two weeks, with another 40 minutes of PURE JOY

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Nathan x

Friday, 24 September 2010


I AM SORRY...It has been a while since I updated this, we have just started university and it's been mega megaa busy

SO ANYWAY....Here is the latest show! It's a special extended version featuring the first ever live session! We pulled out all the stops for this show for reasons explained in the first couple of minutes of the show...

Hope you bloody love it!

Here's a video of the band in session this week, Spectres, doing 'The Beast' live in NEW REVIEW HQ

It was a pleasure to have them!

Links for the new bands go as follows...

Tweak Bird -
Breton -
The Clyde -

and of course the fantastic Spectres,

THIS WEEK on the show we said our top three albums of the year so far and I mentioned that Surfer Blood's 'Astro Coast' was my favorite, so here's a song off the album called 'Take It Easy'....sadly not recorded at NEW REVIEW HQ...amazing song though

jesus i've eaten way too many pretzels sat here

The track attack this week were a bad track off a great album, so obviously it would be pointless putting a link up here to a crap song...but towards the end of the show we mentioned 'Who Got da Funk' by The Streets, an awful song off the incredible 'Original Pirate Material' instead I shall put my favorite song off the album, 'Turn the Page''s a work of art.

As said in the show, we wont be back for a little while, but as always....




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