Saturday, 26 March 2011

anddd.......we're back!

Welllll....where to start! After about 6 months after we said we would be back, here we are!

Terribly sorry about the large delay, but we're starting again now in a new fortnightly show..."hoorayy" i hear you shout.

Give the brand new show a listen right here!

Other big news is that we have changed our itunes host, so you will no longer get our shows on the same subscription as before..WE DIDNT LIKE IT ANYWAY

So if you prefer to get our podcast straight to your itunes...the click HERE

We've changed the format of the show a bit, but all the solid radio GOLD is still there, don't you worry! look, here's a picture of Darren.

This week we rambled on about festival line ups, racist rock stars, new albums, and disappointing albums.

Here's another bad quality photo of our producers Arthur and Ross.

Here's one of my favorite songs off one of the albums we talked about, Yuck's debut

As per usual I featured three of my favourite new bands at the moment on the show, this week they are as follows...

Dirt Dress - Bluesy rock & roll from LA -
Grass Widow - Melodic female three piece -
Beach Fossils -Fantastic dreamy lo-fi goodness -

On the show I also mention the wonderful Graffiti Lips blog and zine, I suggest you pop on over there and have a go on it because it's another great way to get into music you may not have heard before!

Oh and whilst we are on about new ways to hear about new music, if you are on facebook then check out 'Thy Daily Noise', we've mentioned it before as it's a great way to get music appearing on your facebook throughout the day! LOVELY!

Talking of facebook, why dont you give The New Review a cheeky like? It's a bloody good like!

We will be back in aroundddd two weeks, with another 40 minutes of PURE JOY

Any emails about anything would be hugely appreciated! If you're in a band or just want to tell us about a band you're into, that would be great! Email this adress PLEASE


Nathan x

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