Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Good day to you! We're back again, bringing 45 minutes of musical joy to your ears as per usual. Just click below and have a go on it!
This week the posh studio from the last couple of weeks is nothing but a distant memory, and we took to Darren's lovely garden to soak up some sun whilst we rambled on about all things music. Here's a picture of Darren in the garden, he's a KOOKY dude.

Just some of the hi jynx we get up too

Darren revisited an old feature for Darren's Cult, this week with Indie Punk legends, Television Personalities. Here's a personal favorite from them, A Picture of Dorian Grey

If you would like to hear more from the bands that were featured this week, then click on ze following links!

Murdermostfoul - Ecentric experimental electro to play with your mind
D. Hollywood - LA Rock n Roll with big hooks and a big sound
The Violet May - Catchy indie rock the way it should be, expect big things!

As I also mentioned on the poddywod, there are lots and lots of Facebook pages that are pushing new music in the same kind of way we are. So I suggest you click 'Like' on the following pages. This way you get a recommended a whole load of music every time you sign into Facebook!

Thy Daily Noise and Dan Gordon's Song of The Day are two of my personal favourites, they both have impeccable tastes in music and have introduced me to loads of stuff, so make sure you check them out! Other great pages go as follows....

All fantastic and all well worth doing that simple task of clicking 'like'

As always we wholeheartedly encourage you to email us about anything, whether you're in a band, like a band, or just want to tell me how great my beard is, please email us at:

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