Monday, 2 July 2012

Bellies out, it's The New Review!

Week 2 of The New New New Review (henceforth know as TNNNR) is here and you could not be happier. Look at your face! That is one happy face you got there feller and quite rightly so. A whole host of musical news, new bands and general BANTER is heading your way for the next half hour(ish). "But what about the quiz?!" I hear you cry, "I suppose it could come under the category of BANTER" you also cry. And you are right. The quiz is still there people, breathe easy.
For someone who is supposed to be happy, you sure are a cry baby...

This week also sees the return of long time lady lover Rob Orr, who adds the refreshing element of actually knowing what he's talking about to the show. The thinking mans threesome of TNNNNNR discuss how The Stone Roses got on, Muse's new olympic dubstep spaceship, how we all still really like Vampire Weekend and my big belly (pictured below). The three new artists are quite the treat as well, with some proper dance musicy stuff from Luke Abbot (a TNNNNNNR first), some girly gothic post punk in the form of Savages and some pretty pop from brilliant Berlin babe Roxanne de Bastion. Alliteration is fun kids. 

Big bad bouncing belly (left) and Bob (right)
The songs and links: Luke Abbot - Modern Driveway
                               Savages - Husbands
                               Roxanne De Bastion - Red and White Blood Cells

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

We're back! Back in the New York Grooooove

Ahoy there party pickers out there in pop land, long time no see! Miss us? We missed you. Those long autumn/winter/spring/summer nights spent without The New Review must of been tough on your lil' ears. Never fear though as me (DJ Dazzy P) and N Dawgy Dawg are once again here to sooth your aching heart. We know we left you for a year, but like your unreliable deadbeat dad we promise that that was the last time and we will never ever leave you again.We are now ready to play a big part in your life lil' feller. How has school been? Met any girls? That's the spirit champ *hair ruffle*

Above: Us and You
Three fun-ominal bands for you this week (we are weekly now btw (lol) ) whose links you can find below. All the classic features are back include the track attack and of course Darren's quiz, which is as per usual a real highlight. We also discuss the lovely ladies from Haim/Haim depending on how you pronounce them (read the second one in a different way) and take an irreverent sideways glance at the news of the week. Want to hear our views on Blur reforming? Tough, you are going to.

Above: Haim/Haim
This weeks bands: Bayatas
                             Victories at Sea
                             Bertel Haugen

Tasty. Very Tasty.

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Enjoy the pod.
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