Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This blog post is late. I'm sorry...I SAID I'M SORRY

yesyesyes, very late indeed, as the show has already been out for over a week. But if you haven't heard it yet...then you're at the right place! Give it a listen!

This week's show signifies a new beginning...A beginning which involves YOU LUCKY LISTENERS getting free stuff! Free CDs in particular, these CDs have come straight from me and young Darren's CD collections, so they have been in good hands! There are THREE different ways that you can get your hands on a free CD.

1. You can visit our FACEBOOK page and click like, every time we get 20 likes, we'll pick one out of the last 20 and that luckkkyy listener gets a free CD. NOICE!

Sweet advert eh?

2. If you promote our show in ANY way and get us some new listeners, then email us ( and if we love it then we'll get a cheeky CD to you.

3. You solve Darren's cheeky quiz for the listener!

If you cant remember the quiz (or haven't listened to the scum!) then here it is again. What Darren has done is taken an album title and band name and put it through an internet language translator a few times with various languages, then put it BACK to English, to then get a mish mash of words. So what you must do is work out what it originally was. GET IT? no, neither do I. But it's genius I'm sure.
So here goes, album title then the artist:

1.In Light Maintenance - Speachafier Forehead Feature Article
2. Sargent Strikes The Remote Heart Club Belt Density By The Bullet. (no band name)
3. I Can Hear The Heart Around To Whip Implementation Of One - I Have It

So when you decipher the titles back to their original ones. Get in touch at and we'll have a draw soon and the winner will get a CD.
Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. I'm about 10% sure it does.

ANYWAYYY enough of that stuff, let's have some music.

We talked a bit about a possible Fugazi reformation, and THIS video is why it would be amazing if they did reform


Remember, email us about anything!

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Later Skaterrr!

Nathan x

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